The Under Nile and The Nile by Nocturne Alchemy, Ancient Egyptian themes perfumes

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  • 5 ml

Concentrated perfume oils by Nocturne Alchemy, not BPAL (they were not in the dropdown list). Link to brand website: Duo of both the earthly Nile and underworld Under Nile! The Under Nile in particular is a rare find. Both are full to between the shoulder and top of label. Sold as a lot. The Under Nile- Black Cucumber Flesh, Blue Lotus Extract, Egyptian Oud, Smoke, Nokturne:Kashmir (Blood Red Musk) and Brimstone Amber. The Nile- Amber Musk, Rare Egyptian Pink Lotus, Tibetan Musk, Nile Soil accord and a drop of NA Anniversary Kyphi. Lotus flower, soft Egyptian spices to reflect it's sediment, blue Nile essence and sweet cucumber and melon essence.